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How to use Yodiz Grab Firefox Add-on

Simple steps to use Yodiz Grab Firefox Add-on.


  • Download "Yodiz-Grab.xpi" file from Yodiz
  • Open Firefox browser
  • Click on menu option "File" and select "Open File"
  • Select the recently downloaded "Yodiz-Grab.xpi" file
  • Firefox will prompt to "Install", click on the button.
  • That's it, you are ready to report bugs and user stories directly to Yodiz.


After successful installation you will see following icon on your Firefox browser yodiz-grab-icon
  • Short keys are shown when you press the arrow key next to icon.
  • Click on the icon and it will show an overlay on opened webpage, you can select area with mouse and press "OK" button on top right.
  • Other short keys or options will capture visible or whole page.

Yodiz Grab Toolbar

  • Once image is captured, you can use different drawing tools available at top bar to highlight the problem area or write text.
  • You can use "Save Local" option to save this image to your local drive.
  • Click on "Report to Yodiz" button to send this screen shot as attachment to a new Bug or User Story.
  • You will be thrown the Yodiz login page, enter your credentials and "Sign In".
  • For Google apps users, please check this article on how to login.
  • After successful authentication, you can fill relevant forms fields and when ready press "Create".
Note: If you select "User Story" from top then "steps to reproduce" and "Severity" options are disabled, as these are only for Bugs.  

Yodiz Grab "Report to Yodiz" Form


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