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Email Integration, create items via email

Yodiz offers possibility to create new issues and user stories via email. Please select from top navigation under "More" option "Interact Via Email" to get more details.  

1. Setup

1.1 Select Subdomain

When you access this page first time you will get an empty screen, prompting you to select "Subdomain" for your organization. This subdomain has to be unique. yodiz-interact-via-email-empty-screen  

1.2 Define Project Keys

Project keys are unique values to identify each project. once you define the project key you will get unique email address to create issues and user stories. yodiz-interact-via-emai-configuration

2. Type of items

You can create 3 type of items via email
  1. Issues
  2. User Stories
  3. Epics
At interact via email page at Yodiz, you will get the unique email address for each project as shown in screen shot above. The format of email address is like <project key>+<type> @<subdomain name> As an example, look at screen shot above and you can see that to create issue in project Team Tesla, project users can send email to  

3. Format to create items

There are 2 modes to create items.

3.1 Basic Mode - with title, description & attachments

  • Create new email
  • Subject of email will be Issue Title
  • Body of email will be Issue Details
  • Attachment in email will be added to Issue attachment.
  • send email to project unique email address for issues, e.g.,
A new issue in Project Team Tesla will be created with these details.  

3.2 Advanced Mode - with more information

In Advanced mode you can use following notations to assign responsible, sprint, release, tags and few other things.
  • assigned-to: <user first-name/user login email address>
  • status: <status label>
  • priority: <priority label>
  • severity: <severity label>
  • release: <release label/release id e.g RL-48>
  • sprint:<sprint label/sprint ids e.g SP-23>
  • tags: <comma separated e.g aa,bb,cc>
  • stories:<comma separated ids e.g US-1,US-3>  (only valid for Epic to associate existing stories)
  • .. These two dots are very important to write to tell system that attributes area is finished. Everything written after ".." will be added to Details section.

3.2.3. Example email

In screen shot below you can see the email created with parameters



Important Points

  • Only users who are part of yodiz project will be able to create items via email. If somebody sends email to project unique email address and that person email doesn't exist in Yodiz then an auto-reply email message will be returned to user that they must be part of Yodiz project to create items.
  • It is not possible to edit existing items via email at the moment, but we are planning to introduce this feature in near future. So do let us know your feedback.

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