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Getting started with Yodiz Reloaded beta release

What's new?

We have just released beta version of major Yodiz upgrade release called "Yodiz Reloaded". After months of hard work we are able to migrate some of our front end to totally async mode that results in major performance boost. We are looking forward for your feedback.  

List of new features

  1. New Sprint Board with support for both Scrum & Kanban
  2. Board layout configuration, ability to define columns, widget color, background etc.
  3. New Backlog with better performance, ability to select columns, multi-select actions
  4. New Epic with ability to re-order and define priority, similar to product backlog
  5. Mega Planning Board: A multi-panel view to manage your Epics, Product Backlog, Issues, Sprints and Release backlogs.
  6. Custom Fields: 8 types of different custom fields are introduced.
  7. Recycle Bin: All deleted user stories, tasks, issues and Epics can be restored from recycle bin. Click on recycle bin icon at top of navigation bar at both Beta and old Yodiz pages.

Known missing features

  1. Issue Tracker is not yet migrated
  2. Release Board is not yet migrated
  3. Reports and integrations are available only in classic view
  4. Search & Filter for custom fields is missing
  5. Board layout editing, for now use this direct link
  6. Some other minor enhancements and fixes.

Major shift

With our new version we are heading to a direction where project context is moved to view level. For example, you are able to view any project's backlog. Similarly, all active sprints across projects are displayed. This makes it easier for teams to work in multiple projects.  

Planning Board

Planning board has now ability to open multiple panels at a time and it truly provides across project ubiquitous visual experience , gives the best visibility to plan sprints, releases and backlogs.

Selection of Panels

Color coding would make it easier to understand which panels are currently open or not. You are able to open 2 panels for each type. For example, open Backlog of project 1 and then open Backlog of project 2.  

Panel visibility and order

Panels open always in same order, starting from Epics, Backlog user stories, Backlog issues, Sprints and Releases   Project selection At top of each panel there is project name drop down.  


Top navigation search will open a separate panel and will search item from all projects. You can search tags with #. Also at panels if you click on # tag, it will open the results in search panel.  

Filters & Search at Panels

There is local search & filters option to find desired information into single panel.  

Add items

On each panel, there is ability to add items quickly.  

Drag n Drop

Drag and drop works across panels. Please be careful while dragging items as it allows moving items from one project to another. There will be no special notification about it.  

Reorder sequence

At this planning board you are able to reorder items using drag n drop.  

Epics Panel

You can now reorder Epics, expand user stories and simply drag them from backlog to Epic and they will be linked.  

Backlog Panel

User story widget has options to add tasks quickly, view comments, attachments and other details. You can also drag n drop to reorder sequence or move it to other project, sprint, release. Also, dragging user story to Epic will add link to it. yodiz-mega-planning-board-view    


At earlier Yodiz views, Epics had quite limited functionality, there was not possibility to reorder the Epics and also the estimation at Epic level was missing. With newly added improvements now you would be able to reorder Epics, most importantly you are also able to reorder linked stories to Epic. So let's say you have 6 stories associated to an Epic, you can simply drag n drop to reorder these stories. Click on the count of user stories to expand them.  


Basically it's same backlog but with much faster performance. Major improvements are Ability to customize the columns, you can now select all the columns you like. Sort any column in descending or ascending order, simply click on the column name. Change project quickly to view different project backlogs, without need of changing whole context of project from top (like at earlier Yodiz). Important: Currently stories that are part of a sprint are not listed even in search results, that's why sprint filter is missing. We are going to add Sprint filter very soon.  

Sprint Board

We have added major flexibility at our Sprint board. There are 5 major changes in terms of experience, behavior and features.
  • Cuztomizable board layout: Now you have ability to add, remove and rename board columns and map status to different columns as you like.
  • Kanban support at sprint level: It's actually kind of Scrum-Ban, where you would have option to make your sprint into Kanban style. At Kanban board, major change is user stories and issues move across panels. So unlike Scrum (current default), where user stories sticks at first column and tasks are moved across columns. In Kanban, you will be able to move user stories across columns. Tasks are shown at user story widget at Kanban board.
  • Association of Issues to User Stories: Now you can easily create issues directly under User Story, so the issues linked to user story will have similar behavior like task. However these issues are normal issues and will show up at Issue Tracker and other places.
  • Sprint Level issues: Previously sprint issues were shown in separate view and it was bit harder from visibility perspective. Now the sprint issues are shown on same board but at the bottom with separate accordion, you would be able to minimize issues and user stories.
  • Re-order tasks and issues: Special focus has been given to enable reordering wherever it is possible. So now tasks under user stories can be re-ordered.

Sprint creation/edit view

At sprint view you are able to select whether your sprint is going to be based on Scrum or Kanban methodology. Also, you can select the board layout. Please note, when you create new board layout and come back to sprint view, then press refresh icon



Scrum Board

It's basically same board style that currently exist at Yodiz. User stories (Sprint Backlog) are in first column and user stories can't be dragged onto other panels. Also, to view other project sprints, you have project drop down at board level. However you can change position of user story by clicking on position ID and then give new value. Important change here is ability to add tasks to user stories directly and also view Sprint level issues at bottom of Scrum Board. Also tasks and issues within user story can be reodered and system will remember their position. Both user stories and issues areas can be minimized, just click on the arrow icons. yodiz-sprint-scrumboard-view    

Kanban Board

Major difference at Kanban board is user stories swim across panels, also sprint level issues are shown at same level like user stories. So you are able to move them within panel to set priority or drag them across panels to change their status. yodiz-kanban-board  

Board layout

This is completely new feature introduced at Yodiz Reloaded beta. You can now create custom layouts of your boards. To access board layout edit the sprint and you will be able to add new layout. Important: To edit and view all board layouts use this direct link All unmapped statuses will be grouped under "Default Panel" and will be shown as first panel on Sprint Board. However we are going to fix it and unmapped status column will be the last one instead of first one. yodiz-custom-board-designer    

Custom Fields

We have introduced 7 new types of custom fields (drop down, rich text field, check boxes, date picker, url, radio buttons, multi select drop down) along with older type text field. It makes now Yodiz truly extensible and give ability for teams to introduce these fields as they like. Important thing to note is, these fields will only be visible at Yodiz reloaded release at modal (pop-up) views. At classic Yodiz views, these fields will not be there. So please keep this in mind, while creating them. Once whole migration of Yodiz to reloaded version is completed this anomaly will be resolved. For drop down and other type of fields it's possible to re-order values using drag n drop. yodiz-new-type-custom-fields      

Beta access

If you don't see views that are shown in this help article, contact us at to get access to our Yodiz reloaded beta release.

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