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Custom fields of different types

At Yodiz reloaded Beta, there is enhanced functionality to create custom fields. There are multiple types of custom fields that can be created. In this help article, we will cover 3 things
  1. How to access custom fields admin area.
  2. How to create custom fields
  3. How to edit custom fields.

1. Access Custom Fields

In order to manage or create custom fields, you first need to go to it's management page.
  • Click on Administration from top right settings corner,
  • Click on Configuration from top navigation menu.
  • You see 2 options for custom fields on left menu

2. Create Custom fields

Click on Create Custom fields link from left menu and you will a form with type of fields to be created, details, visibility at "Issue" or "User Story" and project. There are 3 steps to create custom field Step 1: Select type of custom field you want Step 2: Provide values, name, description and select if it's "Is Required", means it's MUST field Step 3: Decide, whether it would be visible only at Issues or User Stories (currently it can only be visible at one type of item), if you need at both, then you need to create 2 fields. Also, decide, under which projects this custom field would be visible. yodiz-custom-fields-creation  

3. Edit Custom Fields

From left menu click on Custom Fields (New) and it will show the list of existing custom fields. To edit, simply click on edit icon on right hand side of the custom fields row. ss You will see the details of custom fields, you can Edit
  • Name of custom field (just update the field name)
  • Description
  • Project
  What you can't change is
  • Type of custom field
  • It's visibility (Issue or User Story)
  yodiz-custom-fields-list     yodiz-custom-field-edit

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