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Tags Management - 'Special Tags' vs 'Standard Tags'

There are 2 types of tags that can be created at Yodiz.
  • Special Tags
  • Standard Tags:

What are Special Tags and how they work?

These are special tags that can only be created by person with "Admin Rights". One of the common problems with tags is there is no standard and anybody could create it, so based on lots of feedback, we provided this special option of "Administrated Tags" and call them at Yodiz "Special Tags".

Creating Special Tags

  • Go to Tags management page by clicking option under "Dashboard" yodiz-tags-management-page-menu
  • You will list, which is divided into 2 parts
  • System Tags & Standard Tags
  • To add new system tag, click on "Create" button at Special tags row. yodiz-convert-to-tags-actions
  • Alternatively you can select any existing Standard tag, click on context menu and select option "Convert to Special Tag".
  • If you have created special tag, you can later convert it to "Standard Tag" as well by simply selecting option at context menu.
Special tags behave similar way like Standard Tags. When auto-complete tags list is shown while selecting tags at items, you will see heading of "Special Tags" and list of special tags and then heading of "Standard Tags" followed by list of standard tags.  

Standard Tags

These are normal tags that are created automatically as users type values at "Tags" text box on all items.  

Tags Management

At tags management page, you can
  • Create new tags
  • Rename any existing tag by selecting "Edit" option under context menu.
  • View Associated items from "All Projects" on right hand side, by clicking on tag name. Please note, project short name is displayed before the full item name and status.
  • Remove association of items with the tags.
  • Delete any existing tag
  • Convert "Special Tags" to "Standard Tags" and vice versa.

Special tags as alternatives to "Components"

Components at Yodiz has some limitations, Special tags can easily be used as alternatives to components. Like components special tags are managed by only Admins, they can't be created on the fly like other tags. They offer much quicker searching and filter options, so we recommend to use "Special Tags" instead of "Components".

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