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*How to see total, estimated, completed and remaining hours of the sprint.

When planning, now you can select members from your project team, who would be participating in the sprint and get exact hours that are available to you in this sprint. At the moment complete focus of this functionality is on tasks and hours. We have planned further enhancements to this functionality, so do share your feedback. The process is as follows

  • Create Sprint
  • Select start and end dates
  • Select "Hours per day" from the spinner
  • Add resources from your project team
  • System will automatically calculate the available hours for each resource based on Sprint duration and hours per day
  • Enter any "off hours" for individuals
  • System will then show the real available hours for this sprint.
Yodiz New Sprint with Resource Management 

Planning and Tracking Indicators

Once sprint is created with team and their effective hours, you can start adding user stories and tasks. There are 2 types of progress indicators that help you to identify planning accuracy of your sprint and how you are performing every day in the sprint. Plan Accuracy Indicator: This is calculated against the estimated hours in sprint for all of your tasks and Total available hours in sprint. Here are details about the indicators This indicator is based on the ratio between estimated tasks hours and Available Hours
  • On Target: If ( 15% < estimated hours< 5% ) of Available Hours
  • Over Estimated: If estimated hours > 5% of Available Hours.
  • Under Estimated: If estimated hours < 15% of Available Hours
Daily Progress: This is calculated based on ratio-R which is (Daily expected hours * number of days spent) vs Spent hours so far.
  • On Target: If (R> - 5% and R< 5% )
  • Over Performing: If (R=> - 5% and R<= 20% )
  • Under Performing: If (R<= - 5% and R>= -20% )
  • Terribly Slow: If (R< -20% )
  • Hyper Productive: If (R>20% )
Yodiz Sprint Planning and Progress Indicators

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