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Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. Getting started with Yodiz Reloaded beta release
    2. How to create new project?
    3. How to use Tags?
    4. Real-time boards for Sprints, Issues and Releases
    5. Upgrade or downgrade Yodiz Packages
  2. Customizations 

    1. Custom fields of different types
    2. Using Board Layout Editor to customize columns and status
  3. Subscriptions & Payments 

    1. Update Payment Settings - Credit Card and other changes
  4. Yodiz Apps 

    1. How to use Yodiz Grab for Chrome
    2. How to use Yodiz Grab Firefox Add-on
    3. Get Yodiz iPad Application
    4. Yodiz iPhone Application
    5. Yodiz Android Application
  5. Administration 

    1. Administration settings, projects, users and billing
  6. External Integrations 

    1. Email Integration, create items via email
    2. How to integrate Yodiz to GitHub, Mercurial or SVN?
  7. Yodiz Tips & Tricks 

    1. Tags Management - 'Special Tags' vs 'Standard Tags'
    2. Using Mark down comments editor at Yodiz
    3. How to add and manage components
    4. Export issues to CSV with custom selection
    5. Dependency Tracking for User Stories, Issues, Epics and more
  8. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. How to move bugs/issues across projects
    2. *How to see total, estimated, completed and remaining hours of the sprint.
    3. *What is Sprint Resource Manager
    4. Add users to multiple projects
    5. Export Sprint Contents
  9. User Management 

    1. How to manage Admin and Super Admin rights
    2. How to move Account ownership to other person
    3. Add users manually to Yodiz without email invitation
    4. Working with multiple companies accounts at Yodiz using same email
    5. How to add users to your project?
  10. All articles 

    1. How to move bugs/issues across projects
    2. Can I Archive my old projects?
    3. How can I track user story points progress for release
    4. Can Issues be exported to Excel?
    5. How to create Issues inline?New Article

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